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Seedsticks Class Planting Packs
help early educators grow something precious for Schools Tree Day

ideal for Prep, Kindie and young learners
easy to use and grow

1 Class Pack costs: $29.99 plus GST and postage

1 Class Pack includes: 30 individuals Seedsticks packs

Each Seedstick pack includes 5 Seedsticks to plant

It's never been easier

tear it plant it water it!

“Growing Seedsticks is both fun and easy. Watch our video to see how.”

Seedsticks are ideal for little gardeners with big green thumbs. Young kids love growing seeds but it's often challenging 'pinching' tiny seeds with little fingers without losing the seeds. Planting with Seedsticks is easy and fun for PreK and young learners - for more information click here. There are a range of native plants, vegies and herbs to choose - to place an order click here.

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